Doe Studio has its fingers in all kinds of wonderful things outside of the shop. See more information about our projects below.


Little Roots Fabric - Pattern Development

These patterns are part of Little Roots' collection of spunky fabrics.

Allie Doersch Botanical Garden Pattern
Allie Doersch Edgar Allan Poe Pattern
Allie Doersch Hippie Pattern
Allie Doersch Halloween Pattern
Allie Doersch Botanical Garden Pattern Repeat
Allie Doersch Edgar Allan Poe Pattern Repeat
Allie Doersch Hippie Pattern Repeat
Allie Doersch Halloween Pattern Repeat


Sonder Interactive Comic - Anomalous Press

Sonder is part of Anomalous Press's online publication ANMLY25. This piece is an interactive "choose your own adventure" story that reflects the complexity of strangers' lives that we will never know or experience.

View the full comic here.

Sonder Comic Allie Doersch 2
Sonder Comic Allie Doersch 4
Sonder Comic Allie Doersch 5
Sonder Comic Allie Doersch A.1.jpg
Sonder Comic Allie Doersch 3
Sonder Comic Allie Doersch 6


Reykjadalur Mural

A dreamy mural made for Reykjadalur on behalf of Össur Global.

Reykjadalur Mural Overview


Prepp Kaffihús Mural - Reykjavík Iceland

This chalk mural is inspired by coffee, food, and fun with lots of hidden treasures. Can you find diglet?



Hekla skilur hundamál - Icelandic children's book

Hekla skilur hundamál is a collaboration with author and dog-fanatic Hulda Jóns Tölgyes and was published in October 2016 in Reykjavík, by Forlagið Publishing House. An english release is anticipated in 2017.

"Hekla and her dog Hugi are best friends. Although she is a girl and he is a dog, they know each other well because Hekla understands how Hugi expresses himself using body language. Do you want to learn how to become a better friend to animals? Then come along on an exciting journey in Hekla skilur hundamál. The book's creators, Hulda and Allie, are both dog-lovers and want to encourage healthy relationships between dogs and children that are safe and loving. Hekla skilur hundamál is their first book."

Hekla Skilur Hundamal 1 Allie Doersch.jpg
Hekla Skilur Hundamal 18 Allie Doersch.jpg
Hekla Skilur Hundamal 14 Allie Doersch.jpg


Tófa - Icelandic punk band

Doe Studio's Allie is the front woman for Tófa, and has designed their logo, zines, album covers (Fleetwood MAX and Teeth Richards), and collaborated with Dave Kasparek on the visual aspects of a 7" split with Deletions.

A bit about Tófa:

Female fronted art-punk band and creating noise in the likes of Deerhoof, Perfect Pussy and Fucked Up.

Tófa‘s music is wild, raw and lyrical. The songs create chaotic atmosphere and are inspired by 20th century literature as well as the darker sides of the present age. Similar to the animal after which the band is named, Tófa may appear cute and cuddly but is cunning and vicious on the inside.

Although the members of Tófa (e.g. from For a Minor Reflection, Rökkurró and Sigur Rós) get inspired by sunsets and light-beer they are ready to throw a tantrum and a couple of fists when threatened. Tófa came into being with bloodshot eyes, ready to tackle the punk scene on its own. The result are songs that make the deranged sound of happy people doing angry things.

Tófa has three albums to it´s name; Fleetwood Max (2015), Teeth Richards (2016) and the split Youdas (2016). Teeth Richards ended up on several "Album of the year" lists, including that of Iceland’s punk and grassroots guru, Dr. Gunni, Morgunblaðið daily magazine, Beehype and was nominated for the Kraumur Music Awards. Tófa has three records coming up this year: Two EPs with different line-ups of the band and a soothing, yet noisy, yoga-album.

Fleetwood Max tófa web.jpg


Vélin - Ink Brick: The Journal of Comics Poetry

Vélin (icelandic for the machine) was our contribution for Ink Brick No. 5. This piece comments on over-saturated processes, the role of rituals, and construction/deconstruction.

Learn more about Ink Brick here.



Night Light - MØRKEDAGE-darkday(z)ine

Night Light was our contribution to darkday (z)ine (organized by Abdul Dube). This project was featured in Mørke Dage which is "an ongoing experiment intented to examine and celebrate darkness through art, music and seminars." See a video showing all contributions to darkday (z)ine here.